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Advertising Tips

Target Your Market

Advertisements work best when shown to people most likely to be interested. Target your ad to the people viewing the pages. Keep in mind, people visiting are looking for event information.

Text Advertisements Work Too

One of the most popular ads to run on was also one of the plainest, a simple text banner with bland colors. One of the least popular was also one of the prettiest, a beautiful, animated graphic banner.

Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

Your visitors from ads are hot prospects. They are doubly qualified by actively going to, and then taking a second action to click on your ad. Be sure you have prepared your website to convert these visitors into customers. Take them to a page where they can buy what you have for sale.

Consider creating a new page to handle specialized traffic resulting from your advertisement. This is a good way both to maximize your results and to track effectiveness. Be careful about sending them to your home page where they may not understand what you want them to do and the traffic will get lost among your other visitors.

Track Your Visitors and Understand Your Numbers

To understand the effectiveness of your ad, you should track both the number of visitors and how much they buy.

To know if your advertising is beneficial, you need to understand your numbers. Internet advertising has the advantage of being easy to track and determine results. You should be able to tell how many people visited your site from your ad, how much each person purchased and what were your profits. From these numbers you can calculate whether you ad is worth keeping.



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