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Enter Yourself or Email to Us

You are better off entering events yourself because your information is posted immediately and accurately.

Enter Information Yourself

To enter information yourself, click the Event link in the upper right.

Email Us Your Information

Alternatively you can email your information to . If you do email us, keep in mind that we receive lots of emails from all over the world. For best results:

  • Send emails in plain text or html format. Word attachments are useable, but take up a lot of space.

  • Do not send PDFs, JPGs or other images, Power Point presentations or any other non-text format. We cannot cut and paste the information from these formats and the files are so large they can overrun our mailboxes. Emails in these formats will not be entered.

  • Include a contact phone number. If you have not purchased Plus Features, the phone number will be the only way people can contact you.

  • Include city, state, country and area code, otherwise we may not know in what area to advertise your event

  • The sooner you send your information to us the better. We will enter your information for free on a first come, first serve basis. We are handling many, many emails from all over the world, so be aware, we may not get to yours.

  • If you try to enter the event yourself, have a problem, and then email us, we will prioritize your event to the top of the queue.

Get Your Emails Entered First

You can make sure your events are entered, and entered first, for a fee of $2/event. Contact us for more information.



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