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General Introduction publicizes events to Jewish communities.

Listing and viewing events are free, so every organization can reach the public.

Although the basic services are free, you may want to take advantage of extra fee-based features to promote your events.

Please see the following pages for detailed descriptions of services and features. Click the Next link to browse forward through the pages.

Note: we do not run events ourselves. We provide online calendars and publicity for other organizations.

Free Services

Your organization can use these services for free:

  1. Keep your organization's calendar online

  2. Publicize upcoming and ongoing events in your local area

  3. Publicize trips and conventions to a nationwide and worldwide audience

  4. Parent organizations display a list of all your sub-organizations and their calendars

  5. Create an email note with descriptions of your upcoming events for you to use in your weekly email blast to your members

  6. Create a news release of your events for you to send to newspapers

  7. Co-brand the event listing with your website name and link on top

Each of these are described in more detail on the following pages.



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