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Public Calendar

You can publicize events on the public calendar, in your local area. The public calendar lists events for all organizations, so visitors can find everything in one place.

The public calendar gets a lot of visitors. This is the main place where you let the general public know about your events.

To view the public calendar, go to the home page and click on any local area.

  • Your organization calendar and the public calendar share the same database, so you only need to enter events once.

  • You specify where you want events displayed: on your organization calendar, the public calendar, or both. For example, you might publicize a committee meeting on your organization calendar and a guest speaker on both.

  • The public calendar has a number of sections that make it easy for people to find events: an Upcoming page for typical, one-time events; an Ongoing page for weekly events and events that last for a period of time; and a Special page for events that require an Rsvp or advanced sign-up.

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