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Joint Marketing

All items in this section are optional for both parties.

  1. Definitions
    1. Customer - person or organization using the Systems
    2. Vendor - Bronze Inc., employees, agents, subcontractors, representatives and assigns
    3. Systems - software, hardware, information, methods, personnel, etc. comprising this site

  2. Benefit of Joint Marketing. The Vendor provides many free (and some fee-based) services to the Customer. One of these services is publicizing the Customer's events and programs to the public, which helps the Customer reach a wide audience, one outside their immediate membership.

    In addition to the thousands of unaffiliated visitors of the general public, the Vendor can help Customers reach each others membership. Thousands of Customer organizations are registered on the Vendor's system. The Vendor can help all these Customer's reach each other's membership, by each Customer letting their membership know of the Vendor's service.

  3. Publicize Vendor's Service to Customer's Membership. In return for the free services the Vendor provides the Customer, and to help Customer's reach each other's membership, at the Customer's discretion, the Customer can let their own membership know of the Vendor's service, primarily through these means: (a) Email; (b) Website link; (c) Flyers which the Vendor will send to the Customer.

  4. Complementary Entry. As a professional courtesy, at the Customer's discretion, the Customer can let the the Vendor in to the Customer's events at no charge and let the Vendor distribute information about the Vendor's service.



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